JUNE 2022 Group Exhibition “BLUE”

Contemporary and Traditional Japanese Art Styles

Group & Solo Exhibitions by the members of the Japanese Contemporary Artists Team JCAT NY

Solo Exhibitions

6/5/2022 –  7/4/2022

JCAT NY Solo Exhibitions June 2022


Modern and Traditional Japanese Art Styles

JCAT, short for Japanese Contemporary Artists Team, is a unique, creative team based in New York. Established in 2008, JCAT started as the Ouchi Gallery and provided countless opportunities and artwork space for rising artists. Within the past decade, we evolved into a unique, creative team of artist representatives based in New York.
Our mission is to represent talented Japanese artists from around the world and to assist these artists on paths to successful careers. We scout talented artists of all disciplines, spread the word about their talent through our extensive connections and through yearly exhibitions, and open doors of opportunity so each of our artists can pursue their passion and make a living by their talent.
We believe that every artist deserves to create a career from what they love to do, and JCAT is here to make that a reality.
“Art should be more than a business commodity. It should transform into our daily lives, awakening us with new thoughts and passions each day. The best art teaches that there are no limits to individual pursuits; that our own possibilities are infinite.”

Japanese Art Modern and Traditional Styles

Our Mission

“From me to you” is very simple, minimal, and something that we often forget because it seems like common sense.
However, instead of the pyramidal system of thinking, it is simply to create the connection “from me to you,” and contribute to the restoration of humans and earth to what it should be through art.

JCAT Online Gallery was born through this thought.