About Our Solo Exhibitions featuring Japanese art.

We are a Japanese Art Gallery and this page is about our online exhibitions.


About Our Online Exhibitions featuring Japanese Art


“From me to you” is very simple, minimal, and something that we often forget because it seems like common sense. However, instead of the pyramidal system of thinking, it is simply to create the connection “from me to you,” and contribute to the restoration of humans and earth to what it should be through art.
JCAT Online Gallery was born through this thought. 


JCAT originated from Ouchi Gallery in 2008 and began in a small apartment in Brooklyn with the motto, “ART for Everyone, Everyday.” It was a small gallery, but it’s focus was already on the world. Through this online gallery, JCAT will connect artists with art-lovers from around the world, and create artists that can succeed in the world.

By achieving this goal, we strive for a shift in society that accepts the basic human nature of thinking and living freely. 
We, JCAT, accept a wide range of artists, and firmly believe that we can get back the important things that were forgotten in society, human race, and Earth. 


JCAT artists and their artworks will be introduced to the world through JCAT Exhibition, which are group exhibitions with unique themes, and SOLO Exhibitions, which features individual JCAT artists. 


JCAT GALLERY is an online gallery that lets you experience exhibitions through an online platform.

It is based on the concept of “From me to you,” a very simple message about connection.

What will you experience at a JCAT Online GALLERY?

1. Virtual Exhibition: The online platform will provide audiences new features to view original content created by our JCAT Artists.

 -JCAT Exhibition are group exhibitions (limited time only) with unique themes.

 -SOLO Exhibition features individual JCAT artists (limited time only) and their works.

2. Variety of Artworks: There will be several exhibitions during the year with different themes. Each individual JCAT artist also has their unique style of art. Their pages can be easily accessed through the Artist Page.

3. Contactless Artist Support: There will be places set up for reviews/positive feedbacks throughout the website. Just a single word, or a review, can build an artist’s confidence and you can be a source of inspiration for their next amazing creation!

JCAT Online GALLERY allows a 24/7 remote viewing of creative content for anyone who has access to the internet. Through a new and improved form of display, we hope to provide endless opportunities for our JCAT artists and JCAT artlovers to stay connected.