lnvisible things/guardians
lnvisible things/guardians

lnvisible things/guardians

Acrylic paints
27.95 × 35.83 Inch
$300 (with Frame )



Arin was born in a port town in Hokkaido.

She started learning piano at the age of 3, so her five senses and intuitions were very sharp. 
She was searching for a free world with no right answers. 
She first encountered art in November 2019.

Her daughter was 3 at the time,  
And Arin was inspired by her daughter’s artwork with paint. 

She started her original, image art creations. 
Her concept is “Something that does not exist in this world.”
Her soul is expressed through her paints. 

She expresses the images in her mind by combining different color tones, and transferring her soul onto a canvas. 
In her artworks,

There are no specific materials of paint or methods of drawing. 
Without a brush, she uses plastic, her hands, wet tissues,
And anything she sees to start drawing. 
Inside her canvas, everything is free. 
Through art, she learned that all the correct answers lie within her.

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