Maki Hashida

Maki Hashida - Painter - JCAT artist


Maki Hashida was born in Nara Prefecture. Growing up, it was normal for her to see an important cultural property right outside her window. She became interested in Japanese culture and tradition and majored in Japanese painting until the end of graduate school. She mainly uses traditional Japanese art materials, such as mineral pigments, nikawa (animal glue), and washi paper (Japanese paper). In 2011, a drawing of her closet was selected in an exhibition of the general public. She drew many artworks with vivid colors and incorporated the fun composition of fashion magazines. Through this concept, she received an award in 2014. Since then, she has joined different art festivals and exhibitions.

Currently, she is presenting artworks under the theme, “Create something loved from classic to modern.” She is also holding online lectures for children during this corona season and continues to expand her activities.