Mikoto Yoshinaga was born in Kochi in 1988 and currently lives in Chiba.

She has a degree in Art Planning from the Osaka University of Arts.

During her time in school, she received the grand prize for the university’s competition.

She designed works and exhibitions that would help people change the way they saw their daily lives.

Yoshinaga believes that art is meaningful, only when it is connected to society, so she is looking forward to the opportunity to create without the limitations of conventional exhibitions.

In 2016, she published her Kindle book, “Change your perspective, change your image.”

In 2018, she won in the poster category of a corporate sponsored exhibition held in Ginza.

In the same year, her illustration was also selected for the Salon International de Paris. The selection process included a screening in Paris.

While working as a gardener, she creates botanical paintings, using only green fine-point pens.Those who see her artworks have different impressions of the painting depending on their viewing angle.

How you perceive the world can change the way it is. Yoshinaga’s art imagines a world with more tolerance and less fear. She creates art that helps viewers find hope.

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