Seiichi Ikawa

Seiichi Ikawa
Seiichi Ikawa

Seiichi Ikawa was born in Osaka in 1967.

He loved drawing strange creatures and mysterious graffiti as a child, and loved seeing the surprised and delighted faces of his classmates and teachers who saw it.

In 1987, he received the Sankei Shimbun Prize for the “Exhibition of Nature in Japan”, sponsored by the Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo. He also received other awards such as the Excellence Award in the “New Art 0 Exhibition” at the Osaka Museum of Modern Art.

In 2009, he started distributing his artworks online and gained many fans overseas, such as Australia, Sweden and Germany.

He has been a selected artist for the Nikka Exhibition (Japanese art gallery), for three years in a row.

The component that attracts people to his style is his creation of a world of mysterious creatures through concrete and abstract expressions in one scene. Mathematical formulas and characters are scattered all over the place, having bohemian and mysterious balance. The creatures in the classical realism oil paintings are grotesque. However, next to it are infant-like creatures that, similar to infant graffiti, coexist in harmony.

He uses a wide range of art supplies, including watercolors, oil colors, pastels, woodwork bonds, glitter,  coffee, colored pencils, and oil markers.

His expressions are varied, but at the base, he holds onto his childlike mischief and gentle personality, and attracts viewers from around the world.