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oil paint
7.09 × 5.51 inches
$100 (without frame)

DAISUKE SUDO - Painter - JCAT artist

DAISUKE SUDO was born in Saitama, Japan in 1995. He liked to create art since he was a child. In 2012, he studied a painting technique with oil paint and tempera at an art school. He then displayed his painting artworks in an exhibition. His studies went beyond the concept of drawing beautifully. He thinks about people’s various emotional expressions such as happiness, laughter, anger, and sadness. He realized that this theme should have gotten a lot more attention in his life. He works on creations by combining this theme and the techniques he studied at school. After graduation, he tried to expand the range of expression with a three-dimensional art of clay. As long as he interacts with people and things in his life, this theme is endless, and so he will keep on creating.

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