Love dreams
Love dreams

Love dreams

Acrylic paint
9.06 × 6.3 Inch
$467 (without Frame)

Happy Bulldog

Happy Bulldog

Happybulldog started painting in Hachinohe, Aomori, where she currently resides.

From a young age, she was surrounded by dogs and nature.
She works with acrylic paint to express both the enjoyable energy of nature and the bravery, affection, and loyalty of dogs.
She hopes that people around the world will find some joy in the unique color schemes in her paintings and feel the power of the bright colors. 

Oct 2019 :  Osaka Gallery×cafeGACA (Solo exhibition )  She held a picture exhibition of HappyBulldog dogs at a gallery in Osaka. Nov 2019 :  14-54 (Solo exhibition ) is an open space shared by Queen & Co, Towada Art Center, and the city of Towada. Happybulldog’s artwork was exhibited there. She had music playing in the background while people enjoyed HappyBulldog’s paintings.

Dec 2019 : Hachinohe Saigado Gallery (group exhibition)

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