Butterfly of Happiness
Butterfly of Happiness

Butterfly of Happiness

Wooden panel, Japanese paper, Mineral powder paint, Silver, Gold
8.94 × 6.22 Inch
$250 (without Frame)

Hirosan Naito


Hirosan Naito was born in Shimane, Japan in 1962. There are many strange stories, such as myths and legends, in his hometown. Therefore, there is a mysterious atmosphere, where the power of invisible things are easy to understand. From his enrollment in Shimane University art department to the present, he deepened his research on metal crafts, ink painting, and Japanese painting. At the same time, he taught children who suffered for a variety of reasons and experienced joy, sorrow, and prayer. Gradually, he became aware of the presence of the invisible, warm, and beautiful powers and the brilliance of people’s prayers. From this, he became very attracted to the world of blue and light. Today, he paints with “Iwa enogu” and metals. “Iwa enogu” is the mineral powder paints used in Japanese painting. It gives a very deep and unique blue color. The work he produces gives deep emotions. His imagination seems like a peephole that reminds the audience of the importance of prayers.

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