Online Exhibition “YES” and January 2021 Solo Exhibition by the Japanese Contemporary Artist Team NY


"YES" - Online Exhibition & Japanese

Japanese Art Store Online Exhibition and Solo Exhibition

"YES" - Online Exhibition & Japanese Art Store

What is “YES” to you?

The first exhibition of 2021, “YES” is not only the answer to a question,
but also an important decisions maker in life, and also just a casual word used in everyday life.
How to express YES in art is the theme for this exhibition.
In February, JCAT NY will follow up with the “NO” exhibition.
Hope you enjoy JCAT artists’ “YES!”

Enjoy our current online exhibition “YES” at

Arisa Itami, JCAT Director

Online Exhibition “YES” and January Solo Exhibition by the Japanese Contemporary Artist Team NY

Japanese Art Modern and Traditional Styles

"The Gift" - Online Exhibition & Japanese Art Store

We have finally reached the last months of 2020.
Is there anyone you were not able to express your gratitude to?
We, the Japanese Contemporary Artists Team, will like to become everyone’s Santa Claus and bring the one and only LOVE to the world.
Enjoy our current artshow “The Gift” and our “December Solo Exhibitions” at

Happy Holidays to Everyone

Arisa Itami

JCAT  Director

Japanese art store & online exhibition

"Dream Together" Exhibition

During the month of September, the reopening of the Metropolitan Art Museum was celebrated with the banner of Yoko Ono’s message of “Dream Together!” We will carry on this message and come together with the worldly renown artist, Yoko Ono. From different races and religions, to lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders and other sexual minorities, we are all the same human beings living on this earth and building a future together.

Let’s share our dreams to the world!

By Arisa Itami JCAT Director

Japanese art store & online exhibition

Thank you!!

To the frontline workers, the health care workers,and everyone who has worked hard during this pandemic,
we would like to dedicate our “Thank you!!” Exhibition to you.
By expressing gratitude through art, we can change the world into a positive environment.This exhibition is for the JCAT artists who have never forgotten to show their daily gratitudes.

Show your gratitude to the world.

By Arisa Itami JCAT Director 

Japanese art store & online exhibition


When art moves people to tears, it is because art is a special existence that touches and shakes people’s beautiful souls. JCAT members are soulmates and their souls resonate with each other. Ego exists in every person, but real beauty also exists within every person in the form of a pure and kind soul. Our MISSION is to touch upon every soul and awaken the beautiful souls through art. This is because real beauty exists within every person.

By Arisa Itami JCAT Director



“The existence of the pandemic during this era, when “things” are overflowing in the world.
It may be a warning to humanity, that “Earth cannot take any more unnecessary ‘thing’.”  
Currently, what amazes us is the importance put on “art” by minimalists around the world. In this New Normal world, people seek “physical well-being” and “mental well-being.” 
People have started to realize that art plays a significant role in healing the heart. 
It can be said that the JCAT artists are the only team that can heal the world. 
JCAT’s strength is our thoughtfulness and consideration. It is Me to You.

By Arisa Itami JCAT Director 

The popular 2018 exhibition, “WE” has made its return in 2020!
The theme not only implies “the connection with the world,”
but also “the connection with oneself.” Representing the JCAT team,
the artists have come together to create new inspirations for the world.
WE will convey the message that art surpasses race and borders.

By JCAT Director Arisa Itami

BEGIN is the starting point of something. In New York,
life after the Coronavirus will be called the “NEW NORMAL.
” The future holds a new beginning that is different from the life we lived before.
With this in mind, the theme for this year’s online exhibition is “BEGIN.
” This JCAT Exhibition will definitely be an unforgettable one for us.
Let’s create a “NEW NORMAL” with art!

By JCAT Director Arisa Itami

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