A home to protect all life and souls
A home to protect all life and souls

A home to protect all life and souls

Medium on paper
23.62 × 28.35 Inch
$300 (without Frame)



Born In Tokyo In 1963, She Graduated From Tama Art University In 1985. She Made Her Debut As A Picture Book Author At Kodansha In 1992, Which Was The Largest Japanese Publishing Company.

She wrote 13 books, with her work being published in China, Chinese Taipei and South Korea. After that, she has started new career as an artist,

creating etchings and acrylic paintings. What she draws is the abstract painting that captures the spirits of modern Japan, focusing on a mixture of color and shape.A giant cup, a book made of stones, a square object filled with all sorts of things around us. The sense of insecurity emerges in a fiery red and black cross. A disaster-weary mind wanders through the blue, creating visions of the sea. In the last couple of years she has participated in the international print competitions.

Her prints were accepted for 17TH INTERNATIONAL TRIENNIAL OF SMALL GRAPHIC FORMS, POLAND – ŁÓDŹ 2020.She won a prize at Salon International de Paris in 2019 and 2020, and displayed at Espace Commines in Paris. She is confident that it now time to challenge herself as an artist abroad. What does it mean for her to make a painting? It would be the breath of life to her.

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