Muhyojo Ekakist JUNYA

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Online Exhibition "The Gift" Art Sales Online Art Store

Imagination time is Gift.

Black gesso, water pigment pen
12.5 × 16.1 Inch
2020 ED-01

Muhyojo Ekakist JUNYA

Muhyojo Ekakist JUNYA

The reason why JUNYA started drawing was for the practical test preparation of the Nursery Teacher Examination. His current artist name,”Muhyojo ekakist” is derived from the figure of “myself who is not good at self-expression” found in the work he drew in the test practice.

His activities are centered on his work exhibition, such as his solo exhibition “A Variety Of Muhyojo (2019)”and the group exhibition “Intersection 6 (2019)”, recently, he enjoys live painting that brings “intuitions that can only be felt on the spot” into his works.

His work, mainly produced with a black pen and acrylic paint, make the viewers feel “spooky” and the “pop atmosphere that makes you chuckle” and asks “what is the emotion hidden behind the expressionless?”. He has two hopes for his work. It is that his work becomes an opportunity for people to share diverse values, and an opportunity for people who suffer from self-expression to find a way of self-expression that suits them.

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