Japanese Art Store - "LOVE" 2022 Exhibition

Online Art Store – “LOVE” | Spring 2022 Exhibition

3/5/2022 – 5/4/2022


“What can we, the artists, do amid this course of tragic events going on in Ukraine?” I invite you all to join us as we reflect on the question. War is not an idea we cannot detach ourselves from, treating it as though it only happens in another world. Wherever we are, it can be where tomorrow leads us to.

In this time of insecurity, we must join our forces together no matter how little it may be, and thus let art carry something important toward the world. It is also a great opportunity for us to prove to the world what we can do with art, I believe.

While love takes in countless forms, through our LOVE Exhibition, we aim to send our message to provide salvation to Ukraine. It may help us paint the future in ways we have never done before. Wishing for the world all united with the love of every one of us,


Arisa Itami | JCAT Director | Japanese Contemporary Artists Team N

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