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Group Exhibition “Coaster” 

9/1/2021 – 9/30/2021

September 2021 Exhibition “Coaster”


Sharing everyday life with art
can naturally bring people happiness and peace of
Do you know that?
You’ll notice that anyone’s life is filled with beautiful
things if you look around.
Passing on such ways of life to the future is what we
JCAT try to achieve through the
“Coaster Exhibition.”


Arisa Itami | JCAT Director | Japanese Contemporary Artists Team NY

Ryo.S Japanese painter
Etsuko Narita
Space tree by Yoko Kitazaki
Yoko Kitazaki
Online Exhibition "Coaster" Art Sales Online Art Store
Online Exhibition "Coaster" Art Sales Online Art Store
Hiro Yamamoto
watercolor painting by Miho. G
Miho. G