I was...
I was...

I was…

Pencil on paper
20.59 × 16.14 Inch
$300 (with Frame )



Born with both hands and both feet disabled, Ryo has written with a brush in his mouth to express himself since he was 8 years old.
He tried various arts, and at 17 he started a rock band.

Ryo strived to find work, but with his physical disabilities, jobs seemed to stay out of reach. So, with money that he saved from his rock band, he founded C-FLOWER, in which he is the CEO.

After beginning the C-FLOWER venture, he made drawing his life’s work. Ryo wanted to complete his works on his own, so he chose pencil drawing as his art – black pencil on white drawing paper. He was able to discover limitless possibilities with just these two opposite colors. His solo exhibitions are often titled “Black & White.”

In November 2007, he held his first solo exhibition, in Aomori, Japan. With favorable coverage in local newspapers, the exhibition was well received. His art creation was also featured on the Japanese TV news program NEWS ZERO.

In May 2016, he held a 10-day solo exhibition of the culmination of his works at the Aomori Prefectural Folk Museum, which was viewed by about 2000 people. Since then, unaccompanied and away from home, Ryo has held solo exhibitions all over Japan. Because of his disabilities, at each venue he makes friends who assist him.

In October 2019, he went alone to New York, and with help of New Yorkers returned home safely to Japan.

Ryo wants to look upon and take in all the scenery that he has not yet seen, and cherish the connections made with the people that he meets.


  1. とても繊細な鉛筆遣いで、口で描いたとは思えない美しい作品だと思います。今後のNYでの活躍も楽しみにしております。

  2. 私は、Ryo.Sの作品が好きです。初めて買った作品もRyo.Sの作品でした。これからも、彼の作品を楽しみにしています。

  3. All of Mr. Sato’s works are delicate but contain a soul.
    There is a message that speaks to the person who is watching the work.
    I would like many people to come into contact with his work.
    Once you see it, it will surely resonate with many people. Everything is a work full of love.

  4. 彼の絵は繊細でとても美しく、力強く迫力があります。これからの活躍も楽しみにしています。

  5. Mr. Sato’s art is so inspirational. His love of art is evident and projects his emotions for the audience to see. My hope is that he continues to share his art for all to see. Looking forward to the day when I can visit a display.

  6. 繊細で、美しく なおかつ力強い。Ryoさんの生き方そのものなのかも。

  7. 涼さん、すごい!瞳の中で躍動しているんだね。


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