It’s suzu, nice to see you. Love and dreams.

I express playfulness through images of unicorns. Childhood playfulness is what we all have. Perhaps we left it somewhere as we grew up or hid it deep inside our hearts. Unicorns are a symbol of innocence. Let them break the walls that surround you and make your free mind come to life.


Star ship

canvas, oil paint, acrylic paint
16.15 x 12.41 inches
$210 (without frame)


Starry night, Flowering

canvas, oil paint, acrylic paint
9.45 x 13 inches
$250 (without frame)


Become the person you want to be

drawing paper, pigment ink, watercolor paint
11.82 x 9.85 inches
$120 (with frame)

Become the person you want to be

With freely drawn lines and various colors, suzu presents the unicorn as a way to express the thoughts that everyone has in their hearts, but cannot be expressed in words.
“Become the person you want to be” was an artwork born when she faced her own heart.

The butterfly-like unicorn symbolizes change and its big eyes represent the power of believing and the never-changing intentions.

Ever since she was a child, suzu loved art, but also had an interest in space, the truth about the universe, and abstract concepts that cannot be seen by the eye.
From this experience, she realized the mysterious powers of art and aspired to create art that helps others.

She then came up with the idea of unicorns. It was a perfect motif for its known power to heal and make dreams come true.

Since then, she has been creating art as an unicorn artist. The unicorns she draws have a sense of innocence and freedom that is symbolized through their distinctive large eyes. Those who see it are embraced with a range of thoughts.

She is very specific about the color combinations and the overlap conditions, so she prefers to use watercolors and pastel colors for its expressiveness.
2016, 2017, 2019,2021 Exhibited at “Takara-bune Exhibition” at The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama (Saitama Prefecture)
2016 Selected at the “Moonlight Exhibition” at Ginza Gekkoso and New York Exhibition


  1. 進化するユニコーン。

  2. suzuさんの描くユニコーンは、いつも独りですよね。違ってたらごめんなさい。
    今回の作品のなかではStarry night, Floweringが特に好きです。

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