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summer vacation

acrylic gouache, gel medum on canvas
17.72 x 14.97 inches
$160 (without frame)



oil painting on canvas
13 x 9.45 inches
$160 (without frame)

Ever since she was a child, suzu has been interested in invisible things such as space and the truth. Growing up gravitating toward such things made her realize the mysterious power of art, thus leading her to aspire to help others with her paintings.

Then unicorns paid a visit to her mind.
They served as a perfect motif for her visions, bearing healing powers and supporting us in fulfilling our dreams and wishes.
Since then, she has been publishing artworks as a unicorn artist.

What symbolizes the unicorns she draws is their distinctive large eyes.
They trigger a range of emotions in their viewers’ minds.
Her paintings are filled with innocence and freedom as the shapes you see in them are formed based on the lines she draws freely.

Being a certificate color therapist, she is particular about what each color she uses signifies.

Her major exhibits include “Takara-bune Exhibition” at The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama (2016, 2017, 2019, 2021, and 2022) and Online Solo Exhibitions with JCAT (2020, 2021).

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