Dream Together
Dream Together

Dream Together

15.75 ×11.81 Inch
$550 (without Frame)

light 12.2019

light 12.2019

11.81 × 15.75 Inch
$700 (without Frame)

water 10.2020

water 10.2020

9.45 × 7.09 Inch
$150 (without Frame)

Yehlin Lee

Yehlin Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea, and grew up in Tokyo, Japan. She is currently enrolled in the Fine Arts Department at the University of the Arts Berlin.

The sound of a train and car horns. The noise of people. The towering of buildings. The light of dazzling electrons. The neon lights decorating the night. The city is hectic and busy, and information and people are flowing through there like a muddy stream. We are plowing our way through it.

However, that desperation sometimes narrows our vision.

If we look just a little bit next to our daily life, we can see that the faint light and shadows produced by nature are playing with colors. The delicate colors change quickly because of their fineness. And its presence is not noticed easily because it is so natural.

She follows the principle of discovering the quiet moments and phenomena in moments in nature and to counter the hectic hustle and bustle of the big city. Based on this concept, she paints and draws with the motive “light” “shadow” and “color,” and creates a calm room through her works.

Main achievements

In 2020

-Solo Exhibition “Time to reflect on everything”


-Group Exhibition “Ich bin.”

-KUNSTRAUM Potzdamer Straße, Berlin, Germany

Since 2015 (three times a year):

-Participant in exhibitions by the art group, “Brückenkunst”

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