yushi sato

flowers universes

flowers universes

acrylic on canvas
20.87 x 20.87 inches
$2,500 (with frame)

Yushi is an artist who lives in Japan. After working at a flower shop, she began her illustrator career and has been creating illustrations and mangas for books, magazines, and websites, as well as being a painter on the side. She has presented her works at several overseas such as the Reddot Art Fair in Miami(2013) and Affordable Art Fair in London(2016). She experienced moving often during her childhood. She realized the joy of connecting and interacting with people and places through her art expressions. Through her theme that people are not lonely and all lives are connected, influenced and harmonious, she weaves together and draws each individual shape of life and its uniqueness. She also focuses on the common knowledge surrounding race, language, time, and space and patterns that have remained around the world since ancient times. She creates with the certainty that drawing a shape is a prayer for everything. She expresses with various materials, but mainly uses acrylic. Recently, she has been experimenting with semi-dimensional expressions in order to pursue “art as nature” that blends into the living space.

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