Painter 1k2an Online Exhibition "Flower" Art Sales Online Art Store

see you tomorrow

8.94 × 6.22 inches
$90 (without frame)

Painter 1k2an Online Exhibition "Flower" Art Sales Online Art Store

Go with moon

6.22 × 8.94 inches
$90 (without frame)

1k2an - Painter - JCAT artist

2020 intersection 8 (Nagoya, Aichi)
2020 intersection 9 (Nagoya, Aichi)
2020 Selected for the French International Exhibition (The National Art Center, Tokyo)
2020 intersection 9.5 (Nagoya, Aichi)

When 1k2an visited Spain about 30 years ago, he realized that it was a space where you can feel the existence of God in the mural paintings on the cathedral. It was a world where you can heal your mind and body.
He was saved and walks forward to this day. Everyone has anxiety. Heal your broken heart and thank the art that gave you the hope to stand up and smile. Do not forget it.
He does not stick to one painting material and goes back and forth between oil painting, acrylic, watercolor, and pen painting.
Using scrambling techniques, he cuts out and draws the everyday emotions of the world, one page of life, and the feelings in the moment.

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