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Nostalgic summer green

watercolor on paper
17.92 x 14.97 inches
$400 (without frame)

AKI was born in Yamagata prefecture and grew up surrounded by nature. She loved painting and reading when she was a kid. She wanted to become a manga artist till her late twenties. Around that time, she was introduced by her acquaintance to work as a magazine writer and illustrator and became a magazine editor. For some time, she was away from magazine work and creative activities. However, when she saw her children using their imagination to paint freely, a pure joy for creation came back. She started painting again and posting her pictures on Instagram from 2020. She is looking for a new world of artwork. Her work focuses on watercolors and she draws with different touches according to the theme. She sometimes mixes her pictures with pens, colored pencils, and acrylic paints. She wants to include a message of healing and positiveness in her works and to express admiration, respect for nature, compassion for humans, and love for life.
In March 2021, she participated in the JCAT online solo exhibition.

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