Fujian Fujiyama

Fujian Fujiyama Japanese Calligrapher calligraphy artist JCAT NY member
Fujian Fujiyama


Fujian Fujiyama creates work that mirrors the life he leads and inspires the viewers with his wishes encapsulated in them. He aspires to make his work resonate with the viewer and thus give them vitality as an artistic companion.

In the background of his creation is a brush with death he had from disease in his mid-30s. He went through desperation and gave up picking up a brush again. However, he miraculously overcame his sickness and was brought back to the joy of writing.
Embracing the life given to him for the second time, he stepped aside from exhibitions and awards he used to apply for and started as an independent artist, hoping to pay the world back with calligraphy.

藤庵 Fujiyamaの生み出す作品は、自身の生き様であり、そこに込められた想いは鑑賞する人の刺激となる。彼は作品が鑑賞者と互いに作用し合い、共に生きる活力となるアートであることを志す。






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