Kiyoo Yamasita

Japanese Culture and Paysage by Kiyoo Yamasita​ Japanese Art Modern and Traditional Styles Solo Exhibition
Kiyoo Yamasita

Kiyoo Yamasita graduated from the design department at Hamamatsu Technical High School in Shizuoka. His artwork was selected for the 66th Hamamatsu Art Competition (2018), the 67th Hamatsu Art Competition (2019), and the Japan International Watercolor Institute Internet Exhibition of Excellent Painting Autumn (2020).
His artworks are watercolor paintings. He draws using transparent watercolors and copic with acrylic on a A4 kent (drawing) paper.
For exhibitions, he creates big (about 36 x 26 inch) pieces. These are also watercolor paintings.
He draws landscape paintings, caricature portraits, festivals, manga, movies, and so on.
He has a consistent theme of “culture and passion.”
Festivals, performers, amateur Kabuki performers, mangas, and movies are culture as long as they are continued by creators and audiences. This also cannot exist without passion.
The result of culture and passion is expressed through a person’s face and action. By looking at this from a bird’s-eye view, a scenery appears.