Mieko Nakamura art

Mieko Nakamura Solo Exhibition with sumi ink, paper and various materials
Mieko Nakamura

Mieko Nakamura

“The face of Japanese contemporary art: Harmonization of Traditions and Innovations”
She was one of the talented pupils of ONO TADAHIRO who was a Venice Biennale artist (1960) world-renowned for postwar contemporary art and a member of the “junk art” movement.
Mieko Nakamura (1952~) developed very unique styles of traditional arts like calligraphy, Sumi-e (Ink painting), and Origami (Paper art) with modern and innovational ideas throughout her 50 years art career. Her drawings smoothly encompass oil colors, watercolors, Color paper and many familiar objects like metal pieces. Mieko`s works are admired by many art lovers who appreciate essentials of Japanese philosophies and culture as well as new styles of Japanese expressionism.
“It would be great to see Japanese culture in a comprehensive way, being concise and clear, yet delivering strength, energy, lightness and humor to the mind of the audience with my works. The FREE SPRITS, which create on absolute zero basis without any bias and restrictions is core of my art. I would be grateful if the audience feel profound symphony of soul, joy, and courage through my work, that is what I hope to achieve through my art career.”

2018. 10 Paris, Carrousel Du Louvre 2018. 12 Rio de Janeiro, Vivemos Arte 2019. 4 Dubai, Art Dubai 2019. 8 Abu Dhabi, ADIHEX 2019. 10 Paris, Carrousel Du Louvre…