Miyuki Kokubo

Miyuki was born and raised in Japan’s small country town surrounded by gentle nature. The beauty of the changing nature and the gratitude towards it were engraved in her because of her mother’s teaching of valuing the events of Japan’s four seasons. She began oil painting during her teenage years, and was also greatly impacted by her favorite anime and manga. Even after graduating college, she continued to paint while working, and in the spring of 2020, she started working on acrylic paintings.
For her, painting meant expressing the indescribably passionate emotions. It can be said that the artworks she creates become a part of her. It is exactly like the passionate and gentle kindness of nature that brought her up.
At the same time, her artworks present “gratitude” towards every person, thing, and nature around her. When this feeling is received, one will be able to understand her hope of wanting to wrap all the lovers who like her paintings with peace and kindness.