ink artist momokei
ink artist momokei

Since she was little, momokei loved drawing and grew up fascinated by her countryside landscape and wild flowers.
She paints with fountain pen inks and pigmented inks. By blurring the fountain pen inks with water, she makes use of the unexpected color effects of chromatography.She also uses a dip pen to draw delicate lines. and uses lamé inks to create a fantastic glow in some parts of the work. She enjoys the effects of using various papers.
Her challenge is to express a soul that goes beyond a form of object.
She is constantly learning to become an artist who finds beauty and inspiration in new thoughts and ideas and in everything she sees.
Her artworks reveal both a search for beauty and a challenge, appearing soft but being strong.
Her artworks are filled with the love that not only goes to the joys of life, but also the transient and the unstableness of life.