NIKAU - Japanese Painter - JCAT artist

NIKAU was first impacted by art at his middle school library, when he saw an artwork by court painter, Velázquez. From this painting, NIKAU felt the endless possibilities of art. After this, he started exhibiting artworks at cultural festivals and school festivals. Even as he worked, he would give portrait presents to his friends, and was constantly creating art.

However, when he entered his 30s, his overbearing workload turned him into an art appreciator rather than an art creator. He returned back to the creating side, when he started an Instagram account in 2017. As he created posts, his creative urge was ignited. He was invited by “Nihon Bungeisha” on Instagram to “The world of thumbholes by contemporary writers / September 2020 in Tokyo,” where he exhibited his work, “我=I/多=Many/資(産)=Fortune.”

NIKAU’s crayon artworks are colorful. This is because he loves rainbows and the sun, and he expresses the rich and powerful uniqueness of humans.
NIKAU believes that art is the entrance of the possibilities of humans. In the future, he is planning to start a business that allows children and adults to participate in art. For this reason, NIKAU hopes to interact with people and artists from around the world.