Norico Nagaiwa

Norico Nagaiwa - Japanese photo artist - JCAT artist
Norico Nagaiwa

Norico crafts colors and images she encounters as she walks back into her past memories. Her works embody serenity and kind, warm eyes that she found comfort in as she went through hardship in the past.

In the wake of an unexpected event, she shut herself from the world for several years. Through taking pictures, however, she started to feel her emotions awakened again. She felt the sensation of having colors and images overflow behind her eyes, corresponding to her heartbeat. She expresses it in her work, considering what she saw then as another world her heart revealed.

What she expressed through her journey of self-discovery started to get recognized as “a new form of expression in photography” in 2014. On the other hand, a sense of discomfort eventually grew in her for getting her expression put in the frame of processed images. That led her to be determined to pursue the expression of emotional landscapes rather than the mere creation of works of photography, which became her beginning as an image artist.

In her first solo exhibition in 2016: Colors Overflowing, one of the visitors came up to her and thanked her, saying that her work gave them peace of mind, which she holds dear to her heart to this day. Since then, she has been actively exhibiting her work in group and solo exhibitions. In 2017, she received the Kurihara Gallery Award at the Tokyo Ikebukuro IAG Exhibition. After a short pause due to the pandemic, she has resumed participating in exhibitions again since the fall of 2021. In the fall of 2022, she held a solo exhibition at Kurihara Gallery for the second time, and in the same year, she received a special achievement award in art at the 2022 LUXEMBOURG ART PRIZE.

Placing a great emphasis on the act of “feeling”, she keeps sending messages through her work as she seeks something that makes her heart richer and gets inspired by her everyday life and all things with life.





2016年、初の個展 『溢れ出す色達』開催時に、観客からもらった「心がとても落ち着いた。 ありがとう。」という言葉が今も胸に刻まれている。以後、精力的にグループ展、個展を開き、2017年、東京池袋IAG公募展で栗原画廊賞受賞。コロナ禍で断念していた展示会も2021年 秋から再開する。2022年秋、栗原画廊にて2回目の個展開催、2022 LUXEMBOURG ART PRIZEの芸術功労賞を受賞。2023年1月には、東京上野松坂屋開催の「ファインアートコレクション」出展し、同年7 月にも出展予定。その他、国内外の公募展に参加を予定している。


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