Asayo Kawase

mushroom tree by Asayo Kawase

mushroom tree

print, paper
12.95 × 18.98 inches
$120 (without frame)

2nd chakra by Asayo Kawase

2nd chakra

print, paper, watercolor
7.05 × 10.2 inches
$100 (without frame)

by Asayo Kawase

twin mushrooms

print, paper
8.27 × 11.69 inches
$95 (without frame)

Asayo Kawase

She was born in 1974 in Gifu, Japan.

She has liked painting and drawing since she was a child. She drew comics and wanted to become a professional comic artist when she was a teenager. However, she gave it up due to her tendonitis. She then entered Art & Design College. There, she was introduced to Photograph and Computer, and started learning it by herself there. Now she makes artworks with digital photo collage and abstract painting. She often describes monochrome as darkness in her heart. Do not ask her to explain the meaning behind her artworks. This is because she would like people to enjoy and feel her artworks of darkness freely.


2012: 2011 ASIA DIGITAL ART AWARD, Fukuoka Asia Museum (Fukuoka, Japan) “Award of excellence”
2017: EWAAC 2014, La Galleria ( London ) “2D-2 Category 3rd Place Prize”

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