House of Matches by Astudiosuojo
House of Matches-2 by Astudiosuojo

House of Matches

colored matches
3.94 × 4.33 inches
$5 (without frame)
*The price is the cost I spent on materials

Astudiosuojo - Mixed Media - JCAT artist

Astudiosuojo majored in film at City College of San Francisco and graduated with an AA degree in Liberal Arts. He was selected for the One Hundred Exhibition at Ouchi Gallery in Brooklyn, New York and had several group and solo exhibitions there.
As a member of JCAT, he has joined several other exhibitions. Under JCAT’s art director Arisa Itami, he continues to create new artworks. His artworks incorporate the basic skills everyone learned in art classes in school. He likes to use wooden plates, cardboard, and newspapers as his main materials. He considers himself a laborer and a thinker. All throughout his life, he liked to play sports and listen to ballads because he found that he enjoys sweating like a laborer and shedding tears like a poet. He believes that what he imagines has the power to change the world. He likes to treat people in a humble and kind way. He can only cherish the others, when he accepts what and who he really is. Until today, Astudiosuojo finds a meaning in everything, and he makes nothing futile for the future. He wants to cherish as much as possible, and he wants to be appreciated by many art lovers as possible. That is his wish.

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