Online Exhibition "LOVE NY 2023" Art Sales Online Art Store --Untitled no.47 by painter Aya

Untitled no.47

acrylic, oil pastel
17.91 × 20.87 inches
$400 (without frame)

Aya has loved to color since she was a child. She had a strong sensitivity and the ability to see and feel nature, people,and things in the world as they are. She was interested in various worlds and cultures. During her school years, she became obsessed with art, watching movies, reading, and traveling with only a backpack. These experiences honed her sense of color and taste.

In May of 2020, she decided to draw a vivid bird from an illustrated book while playing with her children. At the moment, to her surprise, joy welled up from within her, and she remembered the joy of coloring and expressing herself. That was the start of her creative activities. She is currently enjoying making abstract painting and collage. Through her artwork, she wants to express and share her world and convey the joy of expression.

In December 2022, she participated in the exhibition “JCAT New York Made in Japan” in Paris, where her work of collage using Japanese paper attracted a buyer and favorable reviews. In July 2022, she participated in the exhibition “CROSS OVER Vol.39” in Thailand and “Made in Japan” in New York. She is scheduled to join several exhibitions in Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto and after December 2022, and JCAT New York Love Exhibition in New York 2023.



2022年12月に参加したパリでの『JCAT New York Made in Japan 』では和紙を使ったコラージュ作品が好評を得て買い手がつく。2022年7月にはタイでの『CROSSOVERVol.39』、NYでの『MadeinJapan』に参加、2022年12月以降も横浜、大阪、京都、NYでの展示会に参加予定。

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