chie iwai

Inari God of the quay

Inari God of the quay

24.22 x 17.52 inches

chie iwiai artist and gansai pigment painter

Madam with white hawk

gansai (pigments used for Japanese style paintings), acrylic, and wooden panel
11.82 x 11.82 inches
$400 (without frame)

chie iwiai artist and gansai pigment painter

My canary

gansai, acrylic, and wooden panel
11.82 x 11.82 inches

When chie looked at the pictures, she noticed that there were a lot of colors. It made her very excited.
Her pictures are based on many colors making one single color.

She was born in Ehime and from elementary school to high school, she lived in Yamaguchi.When she was a child, she liked to draw pictures a lot. She moved to Fukuoka andTokyo for employment and then got married.
After she moved to Yokohama she divorce her husband, and raised a fatherless family. When her daughter got married, she moved back to Yamaguchi, where she came down with an illness.
She drew a picture for the first time in thirty years and a person who works and lives at a temple told her, “I’d like to ask you to do a decorative drawing on my ceiling”.
She began drawing with a pencil, acrylic and watercolor paint. Her artworks focus on people and animals.

2017 to 2019 : Awarded at Shimonoseki City Art Festival
2018 : Gold award at Kaikyokan Art Contest
2020 : Participated at the Boji Gallery Tokyo group exhibition

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