Rainbow cockatiel by chiyako

Rainbow cockatiel

opaque watercolor paint
13.11 × 9.53 inches
$100 (without frame)

Healing bird by chiyako

Healing bird

opaque watercolor paint
9.53 × 13.11 inches
$100 (without frame)

I want to go by chiyako

I want to go

opaque watercolor paint
14.57 × 11.02 inches
$150 (without frame)

Painter chiyako JCAT Artist

Chiyako was raised in a country town in Hokkaido. Surrounded by great nature and mountains,
she started drawing from a young age from the fascination of vividly changing colors from
morning to evening. Using gauche and its distinct characteristic of opaque watercolor inks, she
puts brighter colors on top over the darker colors. By doing so, she layers the colors as she
feels and expresses the light and shadow, the breeze, the smell, and her thoughts. Unlike
watercolors and oil paintings, it creates unique and fantastical colors.
In 2017, she exhibited overseas for the first time at the International Watercolor Exhibition
Urbino. In the same year, she was awarded at the Akashi Municipal Cultural Museum Exhibition
and has continued her artist activities, including solo exhibitions. She hopes to continue
expressing the feeling of happiness within colors in her artworks.

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