Daichi Takahashi

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watercolor, colored pencils
14.37 × 17.52 inches
$600 (with frame)

Daichi Takahashi was born in Kyoto in 1985 and currently resides in Tokyo. During his high school years, he was inspired by Hayao Miyazaki to pursue drawing.
In 2008, he graduated from Seika University in Kyoto with a degree in Art, specializing in Cartoon Manga. After working for 1 year as an animator, he started developing a portfolio with original illustrations. Since 2017, he has been illustrating for an anime background company while increasing his portfolio. The main motif of his illustrations are whimsical children in a gentle world, painted in translucent watercolor. His driving force and foundation are his faith in Christ, his passion to illustrate God’s love and the fresh joy that comes from it. Starting in 2015, he has now held a total of 5 private exhibitions at Kichijoji’s “Gallery of Color” (Gyarari Iro) in Tokyo.

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