Painter HARUKI KAWAGUCHI Online Exhibition "Flower" Art Sales Online Art Store


oil on canvas
17.91 × 20.87 inches
$2500 (with frame)

Painter HARUKI KAWAGUCHI Online Exhibition "Flower" Art Sales Online Art Store

Flowers blooming in dreams

mixed media
9.72 × 10.79 inches
$800 (with frame)

Haruki Kawaguchi was born in Uwajima in 1971. When he was a child, he learned
calligraphy and went to Kyoto for training. His hobby was astronomical observation and
he was obsessed with the mystery of the universe and the anime, Leiji Matsumoto. He
then moved to the unique and lively city of Fukuoka. One Sunday, when he turned on
the TV, Frank Stella’s art program started. It had a great impact on him and affected his
life, as he hoped to become an artist. He held his first exhibition at Fukuoka Prefectural
Museum of Art in 2002. Ideas are born from a momentary flash and continuous
coincidences. He is always looking for an exciting new expression method. He thinks
that great art is born from matching traditional ideas and new expressions. In 2017, he
held his solo exhibition at Kiya Ryokan, an old Japanese inn and got interviewed by
cable TV. In 2020, his group held an art street exhibition at Uwajima arcade street to
cheer up a deserted city, which was caused by COVID-19. The works were introduced
in the Ehime newspaper.

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