Heart hope

Online Art Exhibition JCAT Gallery LIVE NoHo M55 Gallery Chelsea NY Japanese Contemporary Artist Team


acrylic painting on canvas
20.87 x 20.87 inches
$1,200 (without frame)

Since she was little, Heart hope loved to draw pictures, sew, disassemble things, and anything that used her imagination. As a student, she learned about design at an art studio and entered a jewelry school. While working, she studied about processing and management, and obtained her GIA.G.G (diamond) certification. She opened her own store and spent 10 chaotic years managing the place. One day, as if she remembered something she forgot, she started wanting to draw again. For over 20 years she spent her time on design and processing, but the moment she stopped, her imagination started overflowing. Using pen and acrylic gouache as materials, she started creating unknown lines as she received and questioned energies and images at each moment. She creates colorful artworks, and prays for the belief that the warm flow of ascension and the blessings of happiness will pour down in its destination.

2019: 2 Week Exhibition at Mireya Gallery, Ginza
2019: Exhibited at Daiwa Roynet Hotel, Wakayama
2019: Solo Exhibition at Pino Terrace, Wakayama
2019:Daikinman CD album cover design
2020:Fukushima Biennale Fuzuki Art Festival, Art Daruma exhibition
2020:JCAT New York “Dream together” group exhibition
2020:Award ​Hokusai​ nominate
2021: Solo exhibition at Wakayama Civic Library.
“Power of smile”
2021:ZEROTEN 202 Ryuya Gallery,TOKYO
2022:NFT collection in Nara r” group exhibition

2019: Wakayama Castle Teahouse
THE WAKAYAMA postcard sales
2021:Collection-2021 Spring -Bloom
Sake & Art CandleSpring Sake Original Label
2021:Tsutaya Wakayama Civic Library
Sale of paintings & illustrations
2021:JCAT Online SORO Solo Exhibition “Wind
2022:Art Awards nominate

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