Japan’s Treasure

8.94 x 6.23 inches

Title: Japan’s Treasure

I think Mt.Fuji is a gift from God, a treasure of Japan’s. Mt. Fuji shows various expressions depending on the day. The light, sound, wind, and clouds vary greatly. A quiet sky at sunrise, a pleasant breeze, the flow of a graceful dragon cloud – they seem to conspire to bless my future.

Like traveling the sinews of time to explore some mysterious world…
As though recalling tenebrous childhood memories, draped in forgetfulness…
A gentle, calm and tender world full of endless innocence unfolds before you.
Experience the healing magic of immersing yourself into the watercolor worlds of hirohiro, and be transformed by compelling tales dynamically and colorfully spun by this nature-loving artist.

Born in Hiroshima prefecture, she loves music and dance.
Later in life, she had an encounter with fate in the form of drawing. “Now that I think about it, when I was a child, I wanted to study art.” She creates art that, enlivened by her synaesthesia, is vibrant and full of color.
She has recently participated in both the January and May 2021 JCAT Gallery online solo exhibitions, the 2021 International Watercolor Exhibition (Niigata, Japan) and the 27th National Sam Hall Open Call Online Exhibition (2021).

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