Ito Yuri

Symbol of Peace

Symbol of Peace

acryl gouache
12.52 x 16.15 inches
$414 (without frame)

Ito Yuri - Painter - JCAT artist

Ito Yuri is an artist with a strong interest in plants and animals, music, painting, and acting. She aspired to become an “artist” who engages in various creative activities, including painting, after encountering a piece of transparent watercolor painted with many colors when she was in high school.

While majoring in English Language and Literature at university, she served as a concertmistress at the university’s amateur orchestra. During that time, she was asked to create artwork for the concert flyer. Through the application of motifs that communicate the mood of the concert and the rendering of bright colors in the style of transparent watercolor paint, she made it an abstract painting that encapsulates the music played in the concert.

Her painting style is soft, unique, energetic, and full of vitality, strongly influenced by French Impressionism, which comes from her primary interest in Europe. She portrays the fine sparkles that she finds in the scenery and the air in the shape of grains and fluid that she captures with her heart. Her works make the music play in the viewers’ hearts. The major exhibitions she participated in include “EARTH by HEART 2011 Gallery Art Point” (Tokyo, 2011) and “Line drawing Exhibition” at Design Festa Gallery Harajuku (Tokyo, 2021).

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