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The hill where you can see stardust mushrooms

acrylic painting on canvas
12.52 x 16.11 inches
$400 (without frame)

JIMMY TANAKA was born in Gifu prefecture. He loved painting since he was a child, and painted oil paintings at the art club in Nagoya Institute of Technology. After that, due to his job, he had the opportunity to be stationed in North Carolina for three years, which was during 9.11. He was inspired by the paintings and words that supported the victims and mourning families at the site in New York, and reconfirmed his love for painting. After returning to Japan, he studied illustration and picture books at Kodansha Famous Schools (KFS) while working. Regardless of the genre, he draws every day in a unique style of freely selecting and drawing painting materials according to the image he wants to draw and wants the viewers to feel happy when they see it as well.

He received the “Design Festa Award”at the 2013 KFS Design Festa Illustration Competition.

Main exhibitions:
2013 Design Festa (Ariake)
2015 JAPON 88 + Exposition d’Art japonais (Montreal)
2018 Plants and their neighborhood Exhibition (Ginza)
2019 Solo Exhibition “Season of Stardust” (Nagoya)
2020 JCAT “Thank you” Exhibition (Online)
2021 IYN Art Festival in KOBE HANKYU (Kobe)
2022 Tsukushi Award Exhibition (Nagoya)
JCAT “Made in Japan” Exhibition (NewYork)

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