Online Art Exhibition Made in Japan 2022 JCAT Gallery LIVE NoHo M55 Gallery Chelsea NY Japanese Contemporary Artist Team

dramatic passion in our calmness

canvas, acrylic, pen, gold leaf, raden, gemstone, gemstone powder, glitter
17.92 x 20.87 inches
2022, ed. 2/11
$3,000 (without frame)

juncowat gravitated toward an invisible world and loved soaking herself in her imagination and painting pictures since her childhood. After graduating from a junior art college and working in a corporate design office for two years, she spent half a year in the U.S., where she started expressing the worldviews of all sorts of lives in her art. In Australia, where she spent her 30s, the artwork she created, having been inspired by the overwhelming energy of nature that she felt with her whole body was chosen as the entrance artwork for an award-winning restaurant. Currently based in Nara, the old capital of Japan, she creates works using various materials. Her works that mirror the pure energy of all cosmic lives release delicate fluctuation and thus bring love to human hearts and the world. Her major exhibits include her solo exhibition “juncowat’s art theatre” in Osaka (2018), the three-person exhibition “Star System – Resonant Beings” in Osaka (2019), and the group exhibition in Kyoto “Hakkou” (2021).

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