Whale bouncing on the moon

Whale bouncing on the moon

Japanese paper
10.4 × 16.5 inches
$699 (with frame)

Bio of an Artist – Jupiter
Jupiter is an avid spray artist currently based in Nagasaki, Japan.
In particular, for Jupiter other dimensions and parallel universes predominantly occupy the finite universe of his heart and mind, and he finds himself in a state of being in a multiverse, especially before bedtime. His art expresses a sensitivity for the unfathomable vastness and diversity of the universe, and that the immensity of space in the universe is incomprehensible.
Self-taught, Jupiter renders his spray art paintings by working directly on paper media without sketching, to depict a sense of the unfathomable vastness and the incomprehensible immensity of the universe that exists within himself, one painting after another using a limited palette to convey the images in his imagination.
Spray art is artwork created using aerosol (spray cans) to spray paint onto paper or other media, followed by scraping and filling in to complete the work.
Today, Jupiter is an enthusiastic participant in a variety of creative activities, such as establishing the Spray Art Group SAP (Star Art Players’ JAPAN) and participating regularly in live streaming exhibits with associates via SNS, permanent exhibits, and JCAT sponsored exhibits in New York.

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