Kenichi Aoyama

City in the sky by Kenichi Aoyama

City in the sky

acrylic paint, natural mineral pigment
23.86 × 28.43 inches
$4147 (without frame)

Voyage by Kenichi Aoyama


acrylic paint, natural mineral pigment
20.87 × 17.91 inches
$1842 (without frame)

Kenichi Aoyama

Born in Aichi prefecture (Japan), Kenichi Aoyama began painting when he became interested in Japanese manga culture.

In 2001, he entered the Design department of Tokyo University of the Arts and learned about various techniques and materials.

He uses a mixture of techniques with acrylic paints and Japanese mineral pigments.

The world he draws is influenced by Japanese animation, and the shapes of flying ships, castles, and animals in the works come from it.

Aoyama says that he wants viewers to see his painting as if they were the main characters, traveling through his work with the adventurous spirit they envisioned in the past.

His major exhibitions include the 2013 / solo exhibition (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi) and the 2020 / solo exhibition (Kyoto Daimaru).

Aoyam’s works resemble Japanese animation, so he would like his works to be seen by people from overseas as well as Japanese people.

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