the sun by kweli


paper, washi tape (masking tape)
21.26 x 14.97 inches

lion by kweli


paper, washi tape (masking tape)
10.63 x 14.97 inches

kweli JCAT Artist

In May of 2020, kweli discovered masking tape art on Instagram.
Very intrigued by the idea, she started gathering all her masking tapes.
Her first artwork was of her favorite picture book from when she was little. Following her heart, she placed the masking tapes as she wished.
After completion, a new picture book world appeared. She soon realized the fun of expressing with masking tape, so she began creating her own masking tape art.
Her artworks often include animals. In 2002, she traveled to Kenya and was moved by the animals surviving in the vast land. There are many animals and plants on this earth, and each one is connected. Her thoughts and feelings towards animals and nature are strong. She hopes to express this through masking tape art and hopes that others realize the fun of creating masking tape art.
Her artist activity has just begun.

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