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paper, washi tape (masking tape)
10.63 × 14.96 inches

The theme of kweli’s “LION” (2021) was born from the question, “are you alive, just to live?” In 2020, the self-centered behavior of humans were endlessly unfolded on Earth, but how were humans seen by the eyes of animals? No, humans are not seen by the eyes of animals because they are trying hard to stay alive, just to live. Beyond their eyes, there is only a choice to live. A very simple concept. Looking straight at you with color masking tapes, kweli’s “LION” asks those who see it, “are you alive, just to live?”
問いかけの中から生まれた『生きるために生きているか?』は、kweliが制作した『LION』(2021) のテーマである。 2020年、人間の自己中心的な行動が地球上で果てしなく繰り広げられていたが、動物の目に人間は、どんな風に映っているのだろうか。 いや、動物の目には人間など映っていない、彼らはただ生きるために必死に生きているのだから。 その目の先にはただ生きるための選択があるのみ、それはとてもシンプルなこと。 色彩豊かなマスキングテープを使い真っ直ぐ見つめる『LION』を通して、kweliは作品を見る全ての人に問いかける『生きるために生きているか?』と。
Painter Kweli Online Exhibition "NO" Art Sales Online Art Store


paper, washi tape (masking tape)
14.96 × 21.5 inches

Nice to meet you! My name is kweli. My artworks are neither watercolor or oil painting. I tear off pieces of masking tape and create pasted artworks. There are colors, textures, and expressions that can only be produced with masking tape. I create my favorite animals to my heart’s content. Please enjoy the fun world of masking tape.


kweli JCAT Artist


In May of 2020, kweli discovered masking tape art on Instagram.
Very intrigued by the idea, she started gathering all her masking tapes.
Her first artwork was of her favorite picture book from when she was little. Following her heart, she placed the masking tapes as she wished.
After completion, a new picture book world appeared. She soon realized the fun of expressing with masking tape, so she began creating her own masking tape art.
Her artworks often include animals. In 2002, she traveled to Kenya and was moved by the animals surviving in the vast land. There are many animals and planets on this earth, and each one is connected. Her thoughts and feelings towards animals and nature are strong. She hopes to express this through masking tape art and hopes that others realize the fun of creating masking tape art. Her artist activity has just begun.

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