Kyoko Sekine

Kyoko Sekine

Love myself

gel ink ballpoint pen, oil-based colored pencils, acrylic paint on kent paper
20.87 x 17.92 inches
$500 (without frame)

Kyoko Sekine was born in a small rural town in Fukushima Prefecture. A sensitive child, she often found herself lost in contemplation of the ever changing wonder of nature.
As she became an adult she tried to conform to societal expectations of being a woman in the patriarchal society. However, while bringing up her two children, she gradually found her true self as a woman and as an individual. She seeked expression, and found it in drawing, where she could completely be herself.
Her art expresses her fascination with the beauty of nature, and its sense of movement and multiplication. There are both stillness and movement in her drawings, as well as delicacy and strength.
The pen is her tool, where she starts from a single point, and then lets her hand unconsciously bring artworks to life, which are full of dynamic vitality that pulses with life and color.
Art is life and she continues to create works of art that come straight from her heart.
In 2021, she won the Encouragement Prize at Zen exhibition.
She held her first solo exhibition “Je Vol” in December 2021.
She is going to participate in Salon art shopping Paris 2023.

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