A World of Light and Healing

A World of Light and Healing

acrylic painting and resin coating on wood panel
20.87 x 20.87 inches
2022, ed.1
$2,000 (without frame)

Mairi - Alcohol Ink Artist - JCAT artist

She is (1) a highly sensitive person (2) with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and (3) an adult child of a dysfunctional family. She has all three of these internal characteristics. Her inner characteristics were difficult to be understood and complicated, so she was not good at expressing herself.

What changed her was an artistic activity that embodies healing with refined colors. She started working on contemporary art to utilize and affirm her inner characteristics.

The worldview created by her complex and delicate inner world creates sophisticated works of art by layering beautiful colors and light that lead to healing. She became able to recognize the internal characteristic that she considered negative as a positive individuality through an artistic activity. She wants to convey a message to people who feel connected to her art that she wants them to take care of their natural qualities without being caught up in stereotypes or homogenizing various characteristics.

She is also working hard every day on her artistic activities, hoping to deliver a worldview of color that leads to peace of mind and happiness.

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