mystery blue

alcohol ink and resin on wood panel
16.54 x 11.82 inches
2022, ed. 1

maju has been painting and showing people her work repeatedly for as long as she recalls. An incident of her painting the entire wall in her room with crayons holds a place in her childhood memory. She remembers waiting for her parents to come home, expecting their scolding faces. To this day, she is deeply grateful to her parents for choosing not to be mad at her mischief.
Though she primarily used crayons, colored pencils, and watercolors to paint, she began working on acrylic paints as she encountered the acryl pigment that allows her to create overlayers of media and alcohol ink art once she realized its beauty. She also incorporates shining materials such as glitters and metallic foils in her work. She is still on her way to exploring new means of expression, including resin processing techniques and the use of new materials. Whatever she creates, she tries to empower the viewers of her works.

Her major exhibitions include Made in Japan Exhibition in Chelsea, New York (July 2022) and Message Exhibition at Osaka Gallery (December 2022).

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