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The Remains of Summer

The Remains of Summer

beads, vintage beads, sequins, vintage sequins, antique fabric flowers, Swarovski, feather, cotton pearl, ribbon, antique lace, fancy yarn, old paper (French), old neumatic notation, embroidery thread, DMC (TUBINO)
13.19 x 18.12 inches

I won't forget you of those days

I won’t forget you of those days

beads, vintage beads, sequins, vintage sequins, antique fabric flowers, Swarovski, cord, cotton pearl, ribbon, lace, fancy yarn, old paper (French), embroidery thread, DMC (TUBINO)
11.42 x 15.75 inches
$342 (with frame)

Maki lives in Tokyo.

After leaving her position at a record-label company, she attended a workshop organized by the “artist in Gallery” at “Embroidery CAFE”. She was attracted by the ability to create out of the box artworks, and the importance of intuitions and inspirations that emanate from each material and color, and decided to properly start her embroidery career.

After learning that the origins of the Lunéville embroidery was from a town called Lunéville in 1800s France, and being captivated by the artworks produced by embroidery ateliers in the fashion industry, maki joined the embroidery atelier, “Lemmikko” in Tokyo.

She learned the “Crochet de Lunéville (Crochet hook)” technique, where a special thin needle is used to embroider the beads and sequins on the backside of the fabric. 

She learned to enjoy the process of producing glitz and glamour by following patterns to decorate with beads and sequins, and found delight in freely combining and creating one piece with the various materials, colors, and shapes. The thickness of the string, the strength of the stitchings, and a small 1mm difference in the position of the needle, changes the balance of the whole piece. The delicate process tested and strengthened her attention span and mental powers. 

Her artworks are based on the theme of women. She colorfully expresses the female attractiveness, mysteriousness, cuteness, flirtatiousness, elegance, strength, and inner thoughts with beads, sequins, fabric, lace, feathers, paper, and other stitchable objects through the Lunéville embroidery and needle embroidery method in a small picture frame. She incorporates out-of-the-ordinary concepts, dreams, and fashion into her embroidery art.

She held her first solo exhibition at a cafe in 2015 and later opened an online store.  From 2015 to 2018, she exhibited at several galleries and in 2016 and 2017, she exhibited at a group exhibition in the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Atelier East Gallery. In 2019, she exhibited at a Ginza gallery organized art exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and the art fair, “Salon Art Shopping” in Paris. 

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