Mariko Kumon

Blue and blue

wire, paper, modeling paste, acrylic paint
102.37 x 66.93 inches (Total)
2014, Ed. 1/1
$2,000 (without frame)



wire, paper, modeling paste, acrylic paint
7.49 x 7.49 inches
2005, Ed.2/2
$400 (with frame)

Mariko Kumon - Sculptor - JCAT artist

Kumon is a Japanese artist who lives in Barcelona, Spain. She graduated from a university in Japan with an applied mathematics degree. Almost twenty years ago, she had changed her life. She began to study art, especially sculpture. She studied casting, sculpture at the Escuela Superior de Diseño y Arte La Llotja in Barcelona. While her primary interest lies in sculpture and installations, she also studied jewelry. One of her pieces is sold at the Joan Miró Museum.
In many cases, she describes life with deep emotions. Depending on the moment and state of the creative process, she always plays intuitively with spontaneity.

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