Masa Tanabe

Online Art Exhibition Made in Japan 2022 JCAT Gallery LIVE NoHo M55 Gallery Chelsea NY Japanese Contemporary Artist Team


acrylic canvas
14.97 x 17.92 inches
$100 (without frame)

MASA TANABE is a painter living in Fukushima. She is a twin and her sister is also a painter. Currently, she is a member of the city Art Association and exhibited at art exhibitions in Tokyo and Fukushima. Main background and exhibition: 2015 Graduated from Setsu Mord Seminar 2015 Participated in Setsu Mord Seminar Twin exhibition,”Twins color” at a school in Tokyo 2018 Honorable mention at Iwaki city Fukushima Art Association Exhibition 2019 Took an open call for the 46th modern Art Association Exhibition in Tokyo The main feature of her painting is the style that makes use of patterns like dot painting. She usually uses acrylic on canvas, but she also draws watercolors and sometimes digital paintings. She values inspiration and draws as it is…

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